Item Code Item Type Title Created Date  
TIPS0416_S TechTIPS NewsLetter 2016 April TechTIPS Special Edition Newsletter Apr 29, 2016 [View PDF]  
TIPS0416 TechTIPS NewsLetter 2016 April TechTIPS Newsletter Apr 29, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-195-16 Technical Service Bulletin Servicing and Claim Submission Requirements for STARLINK Diagnosis and Repair Involving the Data Communication Module Apr 29, 2016 [View PDF]  
02-157-14R Technical Service Bulletin Engine Oil Consumption Apr 29, 2016 [View PDF]  
TSMSFJ2 Troubleshooting Guide Remote Engine Start Systems Troubleshooting Guide (2014-16MY Impreza / Crosstrek Vehicles) Apr 28, 2016 [View PDF]  
WTB-63 Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Service Campaign ¿ Electronic Parking Brake Reprogramming Apr 28, 2016 [View PDF]  
HTML Diagnostics 2016 Impreza and Crosstrek Service Manual V4 Apr 27, 2016 [View PDF]  
HTML Diagnostics 2012 Impreza Service Manual v33 Apr 27, 2016 [View PDF]  
G1120BE Service Manual Full 2012 Impreza Service Manual Apr 26, 2016 [View PDF]  
LEG_OBK_RE... Troubleshooting Guide 2015-16MY Legacy and Outback Remote Engine Start Systems Troubleshooting Guide Apr 26, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-196-16 Technical Service Bulletin Data Communication Module (DCM) Procedures for Provisioning Failure, Inspection / Repair Apr 25, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-197-16 Technical Service Bulletin “Check SD Memory Card” Message on Clarion “Gen 2” Display Audio (Without Navigation) Head Units Apr 25, 2016 [View PDF]  
11-162-16R Technical Service Bulletin Reprogramming File Availability for Extended Engine Cranking and Engine Oil Level Detection Improvement Apr 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
11-145-14R Technical Service Bulletin Reprogramming File Availability for Oil Level Detection Apr 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
10-84-16 Technical Service Bulletin New A/C Compressor / Clutch Assembly Apr 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
07-108-16 Technical Service Bulletin Diagnostic TIPS for ODS DTC B1760 Apr 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
16-100-16 Technical Service Bulletin Transmission Control Module (TCM) Reprogramming File Availability for Inconsistent Engine Braking Feel Apr 15, 2016 [View PDF]  
11-163-16 Technical Service Bulletin Reduced Engine Performance at High Ambient Temperatures Apr 15, 2016 [View PDF]  
WQW-58R Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Engine Control Module (ECM) Reprogramming Apr 15, 2016 [View PDF]  
12-182-15R Technical Service Bulletin New Front Door Checker Mechanism Apr 15, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2205C Technician Reference Booklet Transmission Theory and Diagnosis (March 2016) Apr 14, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2607C Technician Reference Booklet Subaru Select Monitor Diagnostic Systems (March 2016) Apr 14, 2016 [View PDF]  
05-61-16 Technical Service Bulletin “Popping” Sound from Front Strut Mounts on Low Speed Turns Apr 14, 2016 [View PDF]  
R_J2534 Other / Miscellaneous Reprogramming J-2534 Files Chart Apr 13, 2016 [View PDF]  
WQR-53R Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Takata Front Passenger Air Bag Inflator Replacement Apr 12, 2016 [View PDF]  
01-168-09R Technical Service Bulletin Replacement Key and Immobilizer Information for Authorized Subaru Dealers Apr 12, 2016 [View PDF]  
EXP-1000S Other / Miscellaneous EXP-1000S Battery Charging and Electrical System Analyzer User Manual Apr 7, 2016 [View PDF]  
11-155-15R Technical Service Bulletin Reprogramming File Availability for Extended Engine Cranking and Engine Oil Level Detection Improvement Apr 5, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-194-16R Technical Service Bulletin Fujitsu 10/ FTEN/ F10 Navigation Voice Guidance Instructions Getting Cut Off Apr 4, 2016 [View PDF]  
WTA-62 Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Turbocharger Air Intake Duct Apr 4, 2016 [View PDF]  
J121SVA100 Accessory Installation Guide Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim Apr 1, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-177-14R Technical Service Bulletin “Gen 2” & “Gen 2.1” Operating Tips Apr 1, 2016 [View PDF]  
L101SAL013 Accessory Installation Guide Trailer Hitch Apr 1, 2016 [View PDF]  
TIPS0316 TechTIPS NewsLetter 2016 March TechTIPS Newsletter Mar 31, 2016 [View PDF]  
WQZ-61R Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Telematics System Data Communication Module (DCM) Reprogramming Mar 30, 2016 [View PDF]  
04-14-15R Technical Service Bulletin Power Steering Pump Design Change Mar 30, 2016 [View PDF]  
12-190-15R Technical Service Bulletin Elimination of Creaking Sound from Clutch Pedal Assembly Mar 25, 2016 [View PDF]  
12-199-16 Technical Service Bulletin Removing Fabric Dye Transfer from Leather Upholstery Mar 24, 2016 [View PDF]  
WTA-62R Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Repair Procedure for Subaru Recall Campaign Stop-Sale: WTA-62 Turbocharger Air Intake Duct Mar 23, 2016 [View PDF]  
12-198-16 Technical Service Bulletin Roof Rail Gapping Mar 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
18-185-16 Service Manual Correction Service Manual Corrections Mar 16, 2016 [View PDF]  
TIPS0216 TechTIPS NewsLetter 2016 February TechTIPS Newsletter Mar 9, 2016 [View PDF]  
SUTTIPSLOC Other / Miscellaneous TechTIPS Article Locator Index (Updated 03-2016) Mar 9, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2602C Technician Reference Booklet Advanced Electrical Systems Diagnosis (March 2016) Mar 8, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2605C Technician Reference Booklet Electrical Theory and Diagnosis (Dec 2015) Mar 8, 2016 [View PDF]  
09-61-15R Technical Service Bulletin Design Change to the Fuel Filler Door Assembly Mar 8, 2016 [View PDF]  
07-106-16R Technical Service Bulletin DTC P1C00 / Change to Battery Sensor Mar 7, 2016 [View PDF]  
WQX-59 Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Tribeca Hood May Open While Driving Mar 2, 2016 [View PDF]